3 Girls and a Cool Daddy Plus 1!!!

So I know I have neglected this site for awhile……  okay that might be an understatement.  But it has been a pretty busy year!!!  Shortly after the last post which was over a year ago we found out we were having another baby!!!  And after the initial shock, came the feeling of a living on a boat for many months, and then finding out we were having a BOY (another shock)!!!  It was exciting knowing there would be a little boy in our house full of pink and princesses.  And then came the naming of a boy, which is a much harder task then naming a girl.  For those of you that know us you know the girls names are songs, but there are not too many great boy song names.  We were stumped for awhile and then one night standing at the kitchen sink, Justin said I think it should be a family name.  I had tried this is in the past and he was not on board so I was thrilled. And it gives us joy everyday to see our beautiful little boy and we hope he can carry the tradition of his Grandfather and Great Grandfather, who he is named after.  So for his first formal blog post we introduce our little boy!



Jay Robert born December 31, 2010


Jay Robert 4 1/2 months

What a sweet little boy he is, he loves to smile and laugh at his big sisters who love him and love to entertain him.  He has already brought us so much joy and keeps us laughing.  Layla and I often wonder what we did during the day before he came.  The girls have taken on the big sister role so well. They are getting ready for a busy summer!


Layla 4 years old


Layla turned 4 in March and will be starting school in September, and everyday looks more and more like me and as her father says acts like me as well.  Its that red hair!!!  She is so excited to go to Summer School with Maggie this year, she may be a little disappointed that she can’t wear a Princess Dress there every time!


Maggie's 1st Place at Level 3 State Meet

And then there’s Maggie who is going to be 6 in 2 short weeks!  How did this happen?  She continues to be such a sweet girl who loves school and enjoys reading to us, I still can’t believe my baby is reading!

Now our little site is up to date, hopefully we can get to back blogging on a regular basis!

Our blog needs a new title… we are no longer just 3 girls and a cool daddy!