Maggie & Layla

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Halloween is finally over we started celebrating last Thursday, and I took this picture that night before the Hartland Business Trick or Treat. It was the only one I could even get them in together. On Friday we went to Midwest Twisters for a Halloween Carnival. I have a couple of pictures from there but it was hard to take them with it being so dark.

We really celebrated Halloween on Saturday, we walked in the Oconomowoc Parade with friends from Mom and Tots and then went to Luanne’s and Lucie’s to do some Trick or Treating. What a chore that was, Maggie was the slowest walker ever, but it was fun. We decided not to venture out tonight for Hartland’s Trick or Treat time. Maggie has a cold and seemed more excited about people coming to our house and giving them candy, unfortunately not many people came though. I think if I tried to put Layla in the Bumble Bee again she would have thrown a huge fit. Maggie did answer the door in her Lady Bug.

I have added some other fun pictures from the last few weeks. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Catching up with Pictures!!


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Well I’ve been trying to take more pictures for everyone. As you can see I tried to pose the girls for nice shots but the best ones are of course when they either playing or not paying attention.

We had a great weekend Justin and I actually went out to dinner on Friday and Saturday. Which was wonderful!! Sunday night I went to my friend Jamie’s house to have a fun moms night in. It was a lot of fun, there are 5 moms who are expecting babies in the next 6 months so we did some fun baby shower things. We have such a fun group of moms I am so happy to have them. And of course it helps that Maggie has fun with the other kids and likes to go to the playdates.

This week we will start Halloween on Thursday with a business T or T in Hartland, then a Halloween Party Friday with Moms and Tots, and Friday night at Midwest Twisters for a Carnival, and a Parade on Saturday. And that is only the beginning we will have more for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

We will take lots of pictures.

Playing Together


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Here are some new pictures of the girls just hanging out at home. Maggie was showing Layla all the shapes.

We have not been doing much this week, Saturday I took the girls shopping. Maggie finally got some warmer clothes that fit her. The new stroller has made it much easier to do these things. We are getting ready for Halloween we have lots of fun things to dress up for. Layla still needs a costume and you will have to wait to see pictures for Maggie’s. She loves it and asks to wear it everyday. Trick or treating will be a lot of fun this year.

Pumpkin Patch


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We spent this morning at a Pumpkin Patch and petting zoo with our friends from our Mom & Tots group. Maggie did not want to do touch any animals of course, we tried for the pony ride but she would not do it. Although we did love the Hay Ride a little bumpy, Maggie only fell off the haystack once and thought it was very funny. Layla was laughing through most of it. We tried to get some pictures but they were a little shaky, there is the one of the three of us.

We had our checkups last week and the girls are both doing great, and growing (only one way of course). Maggie is up to 25lbs, and 36in. tall and is in the 25% for weight, and 75% for height. Layla is 14lbs and 26in tall, she is also in the 25th for weight and 75th for height. her weight gain has slowed down since our move but I’m not surprised. Layla is loving her food and I’m sure we will continue to gain. She is now sitting up by herself and pushing up on her hands while reaching for things when on her stomach.

Maggie’s favorite things these days are puzzles and anything to do with letters. She is just soaking up new information everyday. Last night we watched gymnastics on TV and she was bouncing all over showing the girls (on TV) how to do rolls, and cartwheels and twirls of course. It was lots of fun to watch and I think we both enjoyed watching how much she loves gymnastics (at least for now.)