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Here are a couple of new pictures of the girls!

Justin and Maggie are off to Wisconsin, I just dropped them off at the airport. It should be a great weekend with Grandma & Grandpa, Maggie was very excited to go on the airplane. Justin will be busy with the job interview and house hunting- wish us luck. Layla and I will be home trying to start packing- and we will miss Daddy and Maggie. The house already seems very quiet!

Coming Home to Look for a House

Maggie and I will be flying to Wisconsin over the weekend to look for a home.  We have a couple of things to do during our trip.  I have a job interview at a great gym in the Milwaukee area, and we need to look for a place to live.

Since the gym I am applying at has 3 facilities, we really need to find out what is going on there first.  My work location will definitely affect our housing situation.  Right now, we are thinking of the Hartland area.  Hartland is about an hour north of Union Grove.  Looks like a great place.

Hopefully we will be able to find an actual house to rent (instead of an apartment).  We would like to get a 2 or 3 bedroom place with a basement.  We need the extra room for our business, Leotard Crazy.  If we have to rent an apartment, it will have to be a 3 bedroom.

Wish us luck.

Just Hanging Out!

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I know we have been slacking with getting new pictures on, must be that 2nd child syndrome. We will try to add more this week.

Layla is doing really well- as shown in the picture sleeping is still her favorite thing to do. Grandma Slife went home on Saturday and Maggie is still asking for her everyday. I think it is a bit confusing since Grandpa is still here. They have been such a huge help and I know Maggie loves having them here.

Maggie & Layla

Maggie & Layla

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Here are some Easter Pictures. Maggie really loves kissing her baby sister.

We colored eggs on Saturday night and as you can see Maggie didn’t make a mess at all. Her hands seem to be a little pink still.

Our Egg Hunt was a big hit, we had a hard time stopping that to check out her basket.

There are still more pictures from Dinner at Auntie Beth’s but we will have to put those on later.

Hope everyone had a great Easter- Enjoy the pictures!