Halloween Parts 1 & 2


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So Halloween may not be until next week but the festivities have already begun. Actually in our town Trick or Treating was this past Saturday but we went to a party and are going to Trick or Treat somewhere else on Friday. We had a party with friends on Saturday night and made scarecrows and the girls had a blast. Well Maggie did, Layla was having a hard time sharing. The pictures came out great though. We also had a costume party at the gym, and with our playgroup today. The girls have been really enjoying dressing up now we have nothing till the real thing. So I’m sure we’ll have more pictures. Maggie did not want a new costume this year which made us very happy. We thought she would want to be a Princess, but we were wrong the Love Bug is much cuter and warmer.

Pictures at the Park


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We finally had a nice day that we could go to the park and get some new pictures. Sorry it has been so long but life has been really busy with work for us. We are in the middle of our meet season so most weekends for Justin and I are at meets and the girls are spending lots of time with Grandma and Grandpa which they love.
Last weekend we managed to get Saturday afternoon off and spent it in Rockford, IL with Justin’s Aunts, Uncle, and Cousins. We had a lot of fun and got to take the girls out on the boat Maggie loved it and Layla enjoyed it at first and then tried to fall asleep which didn’t work to well for her. As soon as we get some pictures from there I will put them on. Hopefully I will have more pictures to post in the coming weeks.