We’re Back!!

Well we got our internet hooked up today, so we are back online. Moving has been very busy, but going really well. The house needed lots of work- Thanks to Linda & Jay for all their help with cleaning and moving. We are very happy in our new house, Maggie has been doing pretty well with the adjustment. Bedtime has been a struggle but will get easier with time. We will try to get some new pictures tonight of the house (which still needs work) but is a great improvement from where it started.

Layla 8 weeks!


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Well Justin has made it to WI, they arrived yesterday and spent today unloading the truck and getting the house ready. We are hoping we will all be able to sleep there Saturday night, the girls and I get in on Saturday afternoon. Maggie is really missing her Daddy and it will be nice to get her back on a regular schedule, life has been a little crazy for her.

Layla is doing awesome and loves to smile we went to the Doctor this week. And she obviously isn’t missing any meals, she has gained almost 4lbs, and got caught up on her shots.



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We spent Sunday at Disneyland and Maggie had a great time. She loved the Princesses and of course was the center of attention during the Corenation!! She had all the performers laughing with her beautiful dancing. Maggie was excited for the rides not for the Characters! There are lots more pictures that I will add tomorrow. And Layla slept most of the day, resting up for her rough day today. She had her checkup today, and she got 6 shots so we are hoping tonight won’t be too tough. She has already gained almost 4lbs in just 2 months. She does not miss any meals.

On the Road


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We stayed in Eagle, CO last night in a Holiday Inn Express. They have internet access so I uploaded a bunch of pictures from the trip. Right now we are about 950 miles into our 2100 mile journey.

We are at 6600 ft right now and we have to go up to around 11,000 to get back down to Denver (mile high). We’ll be going slow until we get through the mountains…wish us luck.

We were going to try and push on last night, but the roads here are definitely for day driving (unless you know what your doing). There was a rock slide yesterday right were we are going to be. Luckily they got it cleared so we can get through.

Ben and I talked to a couple of guys at the bowling alley bar last night. They said it’s smooth sailing after Denver.

Saying Goodbye to Hula Girl

Well Justin is on the way, they are actually in Eagle, Colorado for the night. So far things are going pretty well. We have cleaned out the condo, and Maggie said goodbye to her Hula Girl- she is expecting one in her new room. I’m not sure Justin is up for that again. We spent the day at Disneyland with the girls, Maggie loved the Princesses. We will add pictures as soon as we can.

Leaving California

We have a little bit of packing left and then we’ll be hitting the road.  Our rental truck is a 22′ Penske.  It’s an International diesel with only 4500 miles on it.  Oh, it has a CD player!  We’ll see everyone in a few days…in Wisconsin.