A New Approach!

So I’ve decided to take a new approach to our little website here, in the past I have only posted when I had pictures to share. Doing it this way I don’t write very often. After reading over yesterday’s post I realized how lucky I am to be home and how reading about how much fun we have can really help me get through the not so fun days. You know the ones with runny noses, no sleep or just the ones that seem to never end. I figure if I can do this it would be great way to share what the girls are up to, and since we all know I’m not very good at the whole baby book thing at least it will give us some sort of a record.

Today, we decided to tackle baking again. We haven’t done it in awhile and most of the time we’ve done it is the out of the box kind. So we decided to make Chocolate Chip Cookies this is a whole different experience with a two year old. Maggie loved it though and after getting over the fact that we were going to make a mess we both had fun. I don’t know why I cared about the mess its not like my kitchen is clean to begin with. The tricky part came when we had to put them in the oven, actually getting them out. We have a couple of dark batches but no burnt cookies. YEAH!! Watching Maggie dip them in her milk and devour them was great, she was proud that they were HER cookies she was eating.

Layla had to watch us and she was not happy about that, she made sure we knew she was there the whole time and then when it came to eating them she sat in her high chair licking her lips and saying “mmmmmm.” She is making new sounds everyday we’ve got mama and dada a few times. Her favorite is “Yeah” when she claps hands and her newest is “Bye” with an attempt at a wave each time. She is moving all over the place now, she has not figured out the crawling thing yet but that doesn’t slow her down. I’m sure it won’t be long and then there will be no stopping her.



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We received our first significant amount of snow overnight. Maggie could not wait to get her new snow pants on and go play, Layla as you can tell was not as excited. Most of the time she stayed in her carseat all cozy and warm I took her out just before going in the house to get some pictures. As you can tell I had great luck getting both girls to look at the camera without any tears.

Maggie loved the snow!!!! We made snow angels and she had a blast just falling in it over and over. It was not good for making a Snowman or Snowballs but she had fun just throwing it at me. As adults we view snow as an inconvenience and think how cold it is and horrible it is to drive. Then you watch a 2 year old play in it for the first time and forget all about the nuisances and remember how much fun it is.

Today was one of those days that I am so grateful to be home. After our playing in the snow we came in and had some Hot Chocolate (another 1st) with lots of Marshmallows of course. And we ended our day watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. This was one of those days that make all the hard days worth it.

If everyday was like today would we truly appreciate them!