New Pictures!!


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Hey everyone- just added a couple of new pictures of the girls. I’m in the process of trying to organize the pictures into different groups so they will be easier to view and know when there are new ones.

Justin’s trip to WI went great and we will be on our way there in just a few weeks. He will be leaving on May 19th and driving with his Dad and Ben, the girls and I will be flying sometime after that we have not decided which day just yet. I can’t believe how quickly it is happening but we are very excited. We will keep you up to date as things happen!

Our New House!!!


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Justin and Maggie come home today- YEAH!!! It has been quiet in our house. They have had a great trip and Justin got everything with his job settled- and is very happy with the results. And as you can see he found us a house to live in, we will be renting the bottom floor of this house. It will be getting a new inside paint job before we move in, and definitely has more room than we have now. The location of the house is perfect only a mile away from the gym, and right near downtown Hartland. So life will be a little crazy for the next month but worth it in the end.

Today is Liesie’s 19th Birthday- Happy Birthday!!!