Disney On Ice


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This weekend was a busy one!! Saturday the girls and I went to see Disney On Ice with Linda, Heidi and Andrew. It was a blast!! I would go over and over to watch their reaction, Maggie couldn’t wait to see the Princesses of course and was not disappointed. Beauty and the Beast was her favorite, Layla loves Mickey Mouse or MiMo as she calls him. Every time he came out she would say it and kept waving and pointing throughout the show.

Sunday we played at Open House at the gym and then were lucky enough to have beautiful weather here so we took advantage and had a picnic. I will say it was not my idea and thought Justin was a little crazy but the girls and Andrew enjoyed and of course the Ice Cream at the end was the big hit.

Auntie Beth comes in on Wednesday and Maggie has been counting down the days. I will post more pictures from Super Bowl (Maggie’s first Chicken Wing) and Open House tonight.

Layla is Getting So Big!!


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She has been asking for so long to have her done, finally yesterday we were able to get it to stay in. She was so excited and kept wanting to look in the mirror.

I have posted the last of the Christmas pictures along with just some pictures from around the house.

We are trying to stay warm this week, as we are expecting the coldest weather here in 12 years. There is something wrong when it is – before the windchill. Needless to say we will be hanging out in the house until it passes. Our California cars are not liking this weather, and I’m suddenly wondering what were we thinking. But oh well, it will be over in a few months and we will love it again.




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It was a busy week around here getting ready for
Santa. We started out our week with lots of snow of course which made some things a little hard but gave us a beautiful White Christmas. The snow didn’t stop our Mom’s and Tots group from a great Christmas party and my girls had to dress for the occasion. Maggie got a new pair of boots but knew that if she wore them out in the snow she would not be allowed to wear them at the party. She proceeded to put her snow boots on and carried her “fancy” boots. Layla was a little upset that Maggie had a dress and she didn’t so her dress was a little big but still looked adorable.  I know we are in trouble if we are this picky with our clothes at this young age.  The teenage years should be fun.

Christmas Eve was busy with Santa preparations Maggie and I spent the day making cookies and our Gingerbread house. Which thanks to Justin is still standing. Then it was time for our new Jammy’s and going to bed to wait for Santa. It was hard to go to sleep which made it a late night for Mom and Dad.

Christmas Day was so much fun watching the girls faces when they came down the stairs was priceless. We unfortunately did not get to make the trip to Justin’s grandparents because he came down the stomach bug. It ended up okay, we spent the day in our Jammy’s and enjoyed our new toys.

Today we are going down to Grandma and Grandpa’s to continue Christmas.

Happy New Year everyone, have a safe holiday.



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So I know I have not been here to update pictures lately, things have been busy. We just finished our competitive season and the team Justin and I coach took 3rd Place at the WI State Meet. We are so proud of them they worked hard all year and deserved it. And now it is now holiday time.

Thanksgiving Weekend we went to cut down our own tree, we found a great place to do it. Not much walking and the girls had a blast, well at least Maggie did. Layla wasn’t too sure about it all but they were both awesome. So our tree is up and Maggie loves to look at it and tells me all the time how beautiful it is.

WI winter has started already and is not slowing down, up until today we have had snow everyday in December. We have only been out a few times to play and first Layla did not like it. After a few rides on the sled and then having Mommy sit in it with her we were better. She even attempted to lie down for a few minutes and enjoyed watching Maggie make a snow angel.

Yesterday we started Maggie’s letter to Santa, it was so much fun to hear the things she was asking for, but the best part is how she wrote her own name. Of course it is backwards but all the letters are there and legible. I can’t believe how big she is, its crazy how fast it goes. I will have more to post as the holiday’s get closer.

Halloween Parts 1 & 2


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So Halloween may not be until next week but the festivities have already begun. Actually in our town Trick or Treating was this past Saturday but we went to a party and are going to Trick or Treat somewhere else on Friday. We had a party with friends on Saturday night and made scarecrows and the girls had a blast. Well Maggie did, Layla was having a hard time sharing. The pictures came out great though. We also had a costume party at the gym, and with our playgroup today. The girls have been really enjoying dressing up now we have nothing till the real thing. So I’m sure we’ll have more pictures. Maggie did not want a new costume this year which made us very happy. We thought she would want to be a Princess, but we were wrong the Love Bug is much cuter and warmer.

Pictures at the Park


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We finally had a nice day that we could go to the park and get some new pictures. Sorry it has been so long but life has been really busy with work for us. We are in the middle of our meet season so most weekends for Justin and I are at meets and the girls are spending lots of time with Grandma and Grandpa which they love.
Last weekend we managed to get Saturday afternoon off and spent it in Rockford, IL with Justin’s Aunts, Uncle, and Cousins. We had a lot of fun and got to take the girls out on the boat Maggie loved it and Layla enjoyed it at first and then tried to fall asleep which didn’t work to well for her. As soon as we get some pictures from there I will put them on. Hopefully I will have more pictures to post in the coming weeks.



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Sorry it has been so long but this summer flew by. I thought things would slow down once September hit but it hasn’t yet. The girls and work keep us very busy.

I have posted lots of pictures from summer visits from Aunt Beth and Aunt Liesie. We were lucky enough to have both of them come for 2 weeks. We had such a great time and miss them everyday. Maggie asks all the time when they will be coming back. We look forward to when they come stay again.